Capture on-air

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This project starts from a storage of photographs of second hand objects. Strongly “analog” objects, such as clocks. Time apparently stops in the shot. In reality, its flow is no longer marked by these analog instruments, but by digital devices, or for some people by television programs. Every day is defined by the tv schedule which guides you throughout the day.

Capture on-air is an installation. Like a regular clock which blends analog and digital, where 60 seconds that mark the time are eventually the 60 frames that make up a minute broadcast on the day and the time when the second-hand clock picture was taken.

The project therefore aims to merge and translate the time between an analogic instrument and a digital vision, with the sole purpose of uniting and simultaneously visualize the time flowing in two distant places, connected by the time discrepancy from the picture’s capture to the time marked by the real clock.

Date: November 2019


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