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Irregular represents the variety of hidden, improvised and explosive contamination left as part of ISIS’s mode of warfare through the elaboration of a variable typographic font. It incorporates the several facets of these dormant but highly dangerous remains.  
      The design project builds on extensive research. I’ve mainly looked into the current cartographic symbols employed in crisis maps to inform users about the spread of explosive contamination. The existing language is conventional, generic and synthetic; the ambiguity has been solved by reducing the visual complexity. Moreover, the method of application of these symbols doesn’t adapt to large- or small-scale maps, and it fails to show the real density of the contamination due to a lack of graphic variation both in colours, sizes and shapes. It is not possible to perceive the number of overlapping hazards in a limited area, because the current symbols visually reduce the real contamination from several marks to one. 

The danger of the Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) is determined by the extensive use of both conventional ordnances ammunitions (easily recognised as dangerous objects) and daily items like plastic containers, kitchen tools, personal effects, home appliances and even toys. Each of them can host different amounts of explosive powder and therefore pose a different type of danger and their visibility will differ consistently. These irregularities and their instability have been inscribed in one open type font able to convey this complexity on both small and large-scale maps.  

Date: June 2021

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