A polluted series of stances, a clear series of evidence.  

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Environmental pollution is the mirror of choices and stances influenced by economical and political factors. It is not just the pollution of a stream. A contamination of communication, administrative decisions, and ineffective capillary control, demonstrated by a series of scientific evidence.

To better visualise how the authorities covered or blurred the scientific reports, I decided to use semi transparent paper for the statement's pages. By doing so it was created an overlapping of stances which cover the information about the level of faecal bacteria found in the river. By browsing the book it's possible to remove filters and access to the evidence.

Date: April 2020

Color codes [legend]

︎︎︎ downsizing

︎︎︎ no anomalies

︎︎︎ turistic concern

︎︎︎ clean sea

︎︎︎press silence

︎︎︎ multiple filter

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