Scale one to blank_

#contamination #bookdesign #designresearch #carthography 

A critical analysis on the existing cartographic symbols designed to represent the complex contamination which ISIS has left in Iraq. The intent is to report a critique of the aesthetics of these systems, supported by graphic decisions taken not superficially, but considering the complexity of the problem itself as a limit to be solved and therefore bridged with a visual cleansing. The visual synthesis or the resolution of the ambiguity occurs in different context related to dangerous situations but with the aim of create a generic state of alert.
It is easier to reduce the complexity, not with the intention to scale down the urgency, but to give a first glance understanding of a situation. To achieve this, information can be filtered, and in this process editorial choices are made: some things, small things, are usually left out. Nevertheless, for the complex situation, for the multiple risks that are generated by the usage of different explosive hazards, for their improvised truth, a conventional, synthetic, cosmetic way of representation is not appropriate.

Date: June 2021

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